Beach Cottage Art by Gail Poltorak - Inspired by the Coast

Amanda Koch

Posted on July 22 2016

Beach Cottage Art by Gail Poltorak - Inspired by the Coast
Seaside Gallery and Goods is proud to present our newest local artist Gail Poltorak.  Gail is a successful Southern California artist and has made quite an impression on our customers and collective members with her beautiful and unique seaside inspired artwork...take a minute to get to know Gail.
Gail Poltorak Art
I am a trained Laguna Beach Artist and co-owner/artist at Quorum Gallery in North Laguna.  I paint beach cottage art for those who love coastal living.  My interior design background allows me to use art to transform spaces.  My selection process always begins with this thought, "Will this subject bring my audience to a beach experience?"  My art is about the weathering power of nature:  sun rays, ocean waves, boat reflections, weathered coastal cottages, old row boats, and shells that are a gift from the ocean.  My paintings are about sun shine, sand, and oceans.  My goal is to bring the majesty of the coast into the home.
     Acrylic is my first choice as it allows me to tell my story.  Acrylic paint can be thinned to create a weathered look, mixed with mediums to create a glassy look needed in a reflection, and old tubes give the painted a thick rich look that I love to use for texture.  
     My Uncle, who was an award winning artist in Seal Beach inspires me.  The many gifted Laguna Beach artists who have painted side by side with me helped to develop my style of painting that works for sharing my passion for coastal living.
      My career was as local high school art teacher for 27 years…best job ever!  The main focus of my classes were drawing and the properties of color.  I create at the Beach of course, and I have studios in Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach.  When my husband and I remodeled our home we went from an antique style to beach cottage.  We quickly realized that to capture the coastal look we were looking for we needed original beach cottage art.  I started painted shells, cottages, and boat reflections on water.  On my morning bike ride in the harbor I started to stop and take pictures for inspiration.
     I entered my first official art contest in 2012, "Art That’s Small for Laguna Beach City Hall”.  Before the show I received a call from the art commissioner telling me the City Clerk wanted to purchase my painting!  My life as a Laguna Beach Artist is like living the dream! 

Follow me on social media and through my websites for all the details.  Please contact me directly for any commission work.
Instagram:  GailPoltorakArt
Facebook:  Quorum Art Gallery


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