Join us for our gatherings and workshops in the Pelican Courtyard


Check out these cool ways to spend your hot August days and nights in the Pelican Courtyard and Seaside Gallery:

August 2–Modern Calligraphy  10:30am-12:30

August 2- Cold Wax workshop  6:00pm-8:00

August 4-Hand lettering  10:00am -12:00

August 7-Watercolor: Seascapes 10:00am-12

August 9-Cold Wax workshop 6:00pm-8:00

August 14-Watercolor: Beach girls 10:00 am-12

August 15-Paint your Pet workshop 10:00 am-12

August 16- A bit of Art, Italian wines, and Ciccetti  5:00pm- 7

August 23- Cold Wax workshop 6:00pm-8

August 25-Hand lettering  10:00 am-12 

August 29-Paint your Boat workshop 10:00am-12

For full description of classes, and to register please go to our Gatherings and Workshops tab.

See you in the courtyard or the gallery!

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