Meet our artists and designers....

Helen MacKinnon

Posted on November 04 2018

Meet our artists and designers....
Let us introduce you to 
Sonserae Leese of Sonserae Leese Fine Art


Where are you from originally?
I was born in San Jose, CA. My family moved to OC when I was 7. I spent everyday every summer going to Newport Beach. It is my home.
Tell us a little about your family…..I have two brothers. One lives in Thousand Oaks. He is a life coach and has a Master's in Information Technology and the other lives in Maryland. We come from a family of inventors. My brother has a Master's in Fine Art sculpture and works for Johns Hopkins University, at the Dept of Defense Applied Physics lab where he creates everything from new prosthesis for vets to satellites! He currently has 7 patents to his name. My dad was a mathematician and my mom had a photographic memory and was very creative. Sadly, my mom passed away in 2010 of prostate cancer. 
How long have you lived in NB?
I recently moved back here in March from Los Angeles. I spent over 20 years as an artist at various film and tv studios up in the LA area. 
How did you start your art/vending? What inspired you to get it going?
I have been designing jewelry and selling it online since 2011. It started as a hobby for giving gifts to friends. They all told me to sell my work and I have since sent my designs all over the world. The same happened with my original artwork. My friends have encouraged me to sell it.  My friend came over to my house recently and said, "Your house is a museum full of masterpieces! You need to sell your paintings!" So, that is what I am doing. 
What keeps you inspired?
My relationship with God and Jesus. God is the creator of the universe and all of my ideas come from inspiration from Him.
What are you working on now?
I am working on various projects. Working on paintings that invoke peace and tranquility. I am currently writing a number of books--some on theology and healing from trauma and PTSD. I am also the Executive Director of Sophie's Dream, which is a non-profit to help people heal from trauma and PTSD through the Arts. A portion of all of my  sales is donated to fund the non-profit. 


Check out Sonserae's portfolio and work at her website:

It is always such a joy to hear the back stories of our family members.  There are so many really good things going on here at Seaside, and in our communities.  We are all truly blessed to be able to share our talents as artists, as well as to enjoy the gifts of those in our collective.  As we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas and the winter holidays, we wish to thank all of YOU for your loyalty and support of our "little shop by the sea" that promises an intimate, unique shopping experience.
From our family to yours--Giving thanks.

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