Elizabeth James founded Pacific & Rose Textiles in 2001 after discovering the ancient art of hand block-printing while traveling through India. Immediately smitten with the colorful Indian fabrics, she was inspired to produce her own collection of block-printed products including table and kitchen linens, pillows and scarves. Next fall, quilts, shams & curtains will round out the line. 
“Working from my Costa Mesa studio, my design recipe combines traditional Indian Mughal motifs and lots of fresh color with a hint of West Coast vibe.  I design in various ways, but my favorite method is to utilize my collection of over 500 vintage wooden blocks for inspiration. I’ll print the blocks and then redesign the results by resizing, reworking and combining them in new ways to create something original."
"Traveling has been a huge inspiration for me. Ever since graduating in Art & Art History from the University of Iowa, I’ve been traveling all over the world. Europe – both east and west, Northern Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, the US…they have all shaped my design sensibility. I developed a deep love of global textiles that I feel has become part of my design DNA, and my textile company gives me an outlet to express that – a travel journal on fabric so to speak."
"My designs are sent to my workshop in Jaipur, India where skilled artisans carve the printing blocks by hand. The highlight for me is traveling to India to oversee the color mixing and sample making. A collection takes a minimum of 12 weeks to produce as master printers meticulously block-print everything by hand.  Each piece I design includes intricate borders. It takes additional planning and more work when printing, but the results are beautiful."
"Being a part of Seaside Gallery & Goods Collective has given me a unique opportunity to have a brick and mortar retail presence.  My fellow members are owners of creative businesses who generously share their individual strengths and skills with the Collective. Being able to draw on this deep well of experience and creativity helps me to grow and improve my own business. But best of all is the camaraderie and friendship between us that has enriched my life in so many ways.