Meet our Artists and Designers....

Helen MacKinnon

Posted on October 03 2018

Meet our Artists and Designers....

Let us introduce you to......

Renee Ortiz of Renee Ortiz Studios.  

Our interview with Renee:

Where are you from originally? I'm originally a So Cal girl, but I have spent the last 20 years raising and homeschooling my kids in the Nor Cal wine country--Windsor.

How long have you been in Newport Beach?  I've been in CDM for the past 3 years.

Tell us a little bit about your family?  I have three kids--all grown.  My oldest son is pursuing his PhD at Baylor in microbiology, and getting married in July.  My other son just completed his Master's in American Politics at Columbia and is living in New York. My daughter is in her senior year at Loyola Marymount and plans to move to NY for music theater.

How did you start your art practice, and then eventually enter the art business? What inspired you to get it going?  I've always been an artist, but I took a long hiatus.  When my oldest left for college I started doing a daily painting class to fill the void.  I'm now in my seventh year of consecutive daily painting without a miss!!  When my youngest started college I decided that I would more seriously pursue art as a profession. 


What keeps you inspired? People always ask me how I come up with something new to paint everyday, but really it's more of a problem of too many ideas and not enough hours! There is beauty all around us, and God is always surprising me.

What are you working on now? The landscape around here has captivated me--especially the Back Bay.  Lately, I have been playing with this in the narrative, including two figures that may suggest interaction.  I love playing with all of the possible scenarios when you see two people at a beach, or wherever: Do they know each other? Should they? What is the relationship? What if they never connect?... a missed opportunity!


Renee is a deep thinker, a soulful spirit, and a very talented and passionate painter and artist. We invite you to come visit Renee at Seaside Gallery and at her studio in the Pelican Courtyard, or to sign up for one of her many classes.  

Renee is also passionate about wine, and the family share their love and expertise through their Brutocao Family Vineyard.  These wines tell the story of their rich history of three generations of growing premium grapes in southern Mendocino County.  You can taste her wines with her on Thursday nights throughout the holidays as Seaside and Renee offer a "Sip and Shop" experience that will definitely get you in the mood to celebrate, and to shop for family and friends this holiday season.

With love and much gratitude to Renee.  

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