BB - HABITAT, A Field Guide to Decorating Hardcover

BB - HABITAT, A Field Guide to Decorating Hardcover

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Habitat: A Field Guide to Decorating fuses designer and blogger Lauren Liess's love of interiors and the great outdoors. Liess, the designer behind the popular blog; Pure Style Home (, is a rising star in the interiors world. She's known for mixing hard and soft, the natural elements with quirky, vintage pieces. She often uses botanicals as art pieces; she accessories with stones, wood and other natural objects; she draws inspiration from thistles and wildflowers for her textile choices. Everything Liess assembles has a hint of her green thumb.  Part I takes the reader chronologically through the process of designing a house, with each chapter focusing on a specific design element.

Part II is a room-by-room study that tackles unique room-specific challenges, from entryways to living rooms.

The book is an extension of the welcoming tone and gorgeous photography featured on Pure Style Home, which has evolved into a full-fledged brand and interiors business-Liess stays busy decorating her readers' homes and recently opened a textile shop in suburban DC.

Habitat Hardback edition by Lauren Liess