Artist Feature: Helen Kathleen Designs

Kim O'Brien

Posted on September 27 2019

Artist Feature: Helen Kathleen Designs

What’s new and in store for Helen Kathleen Designs this fall?!

Look for leather and found objects designed into necklaces. Helen is loving the feeling of fall and textures and mix of funky and fine boho looks. She is incorporating these inspirations and creating more refined looks for the upcoming holiday season. 

Helen’s creations are all about finding treasures, making her jewelry always new and fresh and seasonal. She is always looking for cool, found objects that she can turn into something new. She is not driven by trends, but by what she discovers, promoting the unique history and giving new life to each piece. 

Helen has been in the Seaside Gallery and Goods collective for 2 years. She began creating her jewelry in honor of her Mom and to represent her siblings. Each piece is designed to be a mix of funky and fine, vintage and found objects to create a one of a kind statement. 

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