Our Story

 Seaside Gallery and Goods is a collective

Seaside Gallery and Goods is a collective of local artists, artisans and entrepreneurs who operate cooperatively to provide a uniquely local shopping and gathering experience. 

We work alongside one another in the shop, partner to host inspired gatherings attended by the local community and have built a great place to shop, create and connect. 

Seaside opened its doors in September of 2014, to bring together businesses that normally would go from market to market. We established this concept, so that the "pop up shop" could take place seven days a week.  As a result, in addition to a gorgeous selection of artwork, we now offer an array of goods that include home decor, jewelry, gifts for both men and baby and women's clothing.

Our small business collective of talented artists, designers, makers and curators currently consists of the following: 

ANew by Nancy Snell
Bird + Belle
Bramble & Co.
Charlie Loves Coco
Drift Curated Goods
Heroes Beauty
I Love Newport Beach
Lesa Vander Bie Art
LP Gardenworks
Pacific and Rose Textiles
Salty Paws OC
Studio C Florals
The Baby Abode
The Music Abode
Trunk Laguna
V. Holland
What's In Stock
Artworks are also available from these local artists:
Steve Gorman
Honey Hostetler
Frank Royce - Creations in Wood
Gobind Boyes Fine Art
Jonathan Luczycki Fine Art
Linda Lawler Fine Art
Lore Hold Fine Art
Lori Landry Fine Art
Stephen Rotella Fine Art