Vicki Holland, V.Holland, Eden’s 6th Day #WeAreSeaside

Kim O'Brien

Posted on March 29 2020

Vicki Holland, V.Holland, Eden’s 6th Day #WeAreSeaside

Seaside is a cooperative effort, held firmly together by a talented and hard working group of 17 small businesses, artists and designers. With our doors closed for the moment, we thought no better time than now to seize this opportunity and better connect you to our shopkeepers - to share their stories and show you how your support for our little shop by the sea is ultimately supporting the individual work and dreams of each and every member within our collective.

These are their stories.

Vicki Holland, V.Holland, Eden’s 6th Day

My name is Vicki Holland and I’ve been a collective partner here at Seaside since February 2019. Prior to that, many of you may have visited me at my own 17th Street storefront that I operated for many successful years before the building I was in was eventually torn down. Having run my own stores since 1995, I knew I would want my next venture to allow me to do business on a smaller more enjoyable level, in exchange for more time creating and interacting with customers. Seaside presented just that opportunity for me.

Seaside is a place where I can keep and grow my existing clientele without the hours and expense involved running a boutique all on my own. To my joy, I’ve also gained a whole tribe of new friends and I truly just love the sense of community we share.

It’s been so fun to have women that used to come to my 17th Street shop walk in and now see me regularly again here at Seaside. I’ve also been participating in local markets too. You may have seen me at the NHHS Holiday Boutique or Port Streets Holiday Market this past year. I hope to do more of that eventually.

You’ll find my designs under my shop name V. Holland. My house label “Eden’s 6th Day” focuses on California lifestyle weekend wear. I like to think these are pieces you’ll want to wear over and over, with styles you can mix and match easily with other items in your closet.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve always had a love of fashion and well-made affordable clothing. Ultimately that is what inspired me to start my own business. How we dress can really brighten up our spirits and it really brings us joy when we feel good about ourselves, don’t you think?

How/where are your clothes produced?

When I’m not at Seaside, chances are you’ll find me at my cutting table. I start with a fabric I really love and then decide what the final garment will be. Other times I know exactly what I want in the final design and have to search for just the right fabric for the garment. In the end, I usually make things I want in my own closet and I think that is what has really resonated with my clientele. I make the pattern, roll out and cut the fabric all right at the cutting table in my Eastside Costa Mesa home studio. It's sewn up and then I trim it up or ‘ice dye’ it and usually add some extra stitching detail to make it unique and special.

How are you keeping busy since “stay at home”?

For now, I’m taking this time to create in the studio. On warmer days you’ll find me “ice dying” silk velvet skirts for an upcoming collection. I'm also a volunteer with The Crossing Church Leadership team and lead two Bible studies.  Faith is what gives me hope and joy.

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