Honey Hostetler

Artist Honey Hostetler

What if our heart and hands shared an occupation?  Oh, what a wonderful life that would be!  This captures the essence of Newport Beach artist, Honey Hostetler. 

While raising three children with her husband, Cliff, Honey enjoyed arts and crafts to fulfill her creative desires. At the age of 74, artist friends in Hayden Lake, Idaho invited her to join them in a three-day oil painting workshop given by artist/sculpture Terry Lee. The oil paint and canvas and Terry's positive feedback ("you should have been doing this all your life!") was the beginning of Honey's love of painting.

Honey's family and friends began requesting paintings, an exciting validation of this new passion.  After two years of painting she entered a piece in a juried Newport Beach Arts Exhibition and won second place. The following year her painting won People's Choice and in subsequent years her paintings continued to sell.

Honey continues to take art lessons in Idaho and Southern California.  She currently sells her art at Seaside Gallery and Goods .  Honey loves painting everything:  still lives, landscapes, seascapes, architectural and animals, with a special passion for pet portraits.

Honey's heart and hands share her occupation and she would be the first to tell you it's a wonderful life!