Exploring India with Pacific and Rose, Part 2

Kim O'Brien

Posted on March 06 2020

Exploring India with Pacific and Rose, Part 2

The highlight for me was showing my friends my hometown of Jaipur (it feels like that!) where my block-printing factory is located. Sunil, our factory production manager, gave us a tour of the workshop including each facet of the block-printing process. Upon entering the printing room, I was so pleased to find my Flower Power design, along with a new Grape print debuting soon, on the printing tables. The printers were stamping away and so proud to show us their agile skills. And there is a sense of calm in the printing room with the tap, tap, tap of the block stamping the fabric, and the printer hitting the block with the side of his hand to transfer the ink. There is a comforting rhythm to the process.



Kursheed hand-carving a woodblock.

Block printing the border of my new Grape print.         

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