Exploring India with Pacific and Rose Part 3

Kim O'Brien

Posted on March 06 2020

Exploring India with Pacific and Rose Part 3

For my 2020 Summer collection you’ll find a slight departure from my usual bright colors. Blue, green, teal, marigold and salmon are toned down into a soft & muted palette, with many of the prints and colors coordinating well together.



Some new items I’m introducing include Cosmetic Travel Bags, or Wash Bags, as they’re referred to in India. Lined with plastic and pockets these make a stylish travel accessory. And I'm adding a 24” scarf on a soft cotton voile which can be worn as a head scarf, a neck kerchief, or to tie around the handle of your tote bag. I also wrap gifts with fabric scarves! 


And I’m finally making the leap to clothing with a free size Kimono robe and a loose-fitting boyfriend shirt in soft cotton voile. I’m excited to welcome these new products to the Pacific & Rose Textile Collection.

Twenty years ago, I made my first trip to Rajasthan, India and discovered the ancient art of hand block-printing and the stunning calico fabrics printed with blocks. It changed my life. I founded Pacific & Rose Textiles, and designed my own collection of block-printed products, with the intent of keeping this ancient artisanal craft alive and relevant.  

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