Meet Seaside's Newest Member: Natalie Savaso

Erin Neally

Posted on February 19 2021

Meet Seaside's Newest Member: Natalie Savaso

The creative process often leads us down a path different from the one we set out to take. Most often it teaches us a better way of doing, but sometimes a new idea will manifest from a completely different project - and on occasion, that idea will evolve into a business. Such was the journey experienced by our newest collective member here at Seaside.

Natalie Savaso may not have originally envisioned offering her original drawings to the world, but a project working with clay spurred the idea. Says Natalie, "the clay strawberries I made turned out looking more like hearts. An idea was born that evolved into little drawings with hearts on them."


Her small canvases and cards now offered here at Seaside are intended to "represent the love, passions and memorable moments that are experienced in this life". You'll find designs by Tiny World Art full of whimsy, sweetness and joy. Stop by our front counter to browse a hand-picked selection from Natalie's portfolio in the shop. 

"My dream is to spread love by making tiny works of art that touch people in small, yet profound ways."

Keep up with Natalie and her collection from Tiny World Art on Instagram:


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