Valentine's Day at Seaside

Amanda Meyer

Posted on January 24 2022

Valentine's Day at Seaside


When February 14 rolls around, lovers and friends exchange letters, sweets, jewelry and other gifts in honor of Valentine’s Day. While this popular holiday has become known for its sweet greeting cards and romantic dinner ideas for two, we’re here to help curate some lovely gifts for you or your loved ones. 


Vicki Holland offers some of the softest and coziest sweaters that come in an assortment of cute hearts and a beautiful pink color. Any girl would love to dress up and celebrate Valentines day in a themed sweater. 

Our jewelry can be found through out the store and add the right amount of sparkle to that special someone on your list. Our jewelry is gold filled and can be worn in the shower without tarnishing so you can really appreciate the quality of each handmade piece. 


We’d love to help you feel and look your best for your special date coming up. Heros cosmetics are the must have make-up for any girl in Southern California. The glow you get wearing the rose lotion is next level and you’ll feel like a million bucks with your new make over.

What pairs well with jewelry, clothes and make-up… perfume of course! Elia Parfum offered some extra cute Valentines Day gift wrapping to make it easy for you! Each perfume is designed to intoxicate your senses and trust us…. you’ll receive so many compliments in Elia Parfum! 

Valentines day isn’t just for the ladies or the couples, no no no! We offer some of the cutest valentine’s day themed clothes for that special baby in your life. 

Last but not least, hosting a meal for your loved ones wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully set table with a pink or red print napkin or table runner to liven up the room- with all this and more Seaside Gallery has you covered this Valentines Day so pleas stop by and let us help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! 

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