Lesa Vander Bie

Hello, I’m Lesa Vander Bie. Welcome to Lesa Vander Bie Art!

Well, I comes from a long line of creatives in my family – musicians, singers, architects, interior designers, home builders, quilters and gourmet cooks.

I am a Midwestern girl with a zest for life who grew up playing in the woods of Michigan, exploring the deserts of Arizona and living along the gorgeous coastline of Southern California. I initially immersed myself in the fine arts, studying ballet en pointe, acting at South Coast Repertory’s Professional Conservatory, and professional Vocal and Voiceover Training. I have enjoyed performing in theatre, TV commercials, independent films, voiceover work, and as a soloist throughout California.

I also earned a Bachelors from UCI and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University and opened a thriving private counseling practice. I continue to enjoy helping others heal, build healthy relationships, and create fulfilling lives while setting an example by living a full creative life myself.

In December 2013 my dear dad died to lung cancer. My dad was a significant advocate in my life. I was encouraged by a friend to dabble in watercolor to process my grief. So with no formal art training, I began painting. 

In March of 2018, my yearning to express my artistic self was undeniable which led me to a mentoring group for Christian artists led by Matt Tommey. I took a leap of faith and went to Matt’s conference in Asheville, North Carolina. It was an amazing time of refreshment, insight and a new community of thriving artist friends on a similar spiritual journey.

Just before I left for Asheville I met John Eagle, an impressionistic oil painter from Laguna Beach, CA. He invited me to be mentored by him. The switch in mediums to oils was eye-opening. I found my “language.” John’s encouragement and wisdom breathed new wind into my sails and I began to soar.

I love creating refreshing Fine Art for your heart and home. 

Welcome to my journey. I look forward to hearing from you as to how I can serve you. If you're looking for a CUSTOM painting, please contact me at (310) 486-6116. 

LV Floral Bouquet
$ 675.00
LV Tulips
$ 275.00
Crystal Cove Superbloom
$ 175.00
LV Beads
$ 35.00
LV Wave Swell
$ 250.00
$ 350.00
LV Easel Art, 5x7" by Lesa Vander Bie
$ 75.00
LV Lily Pond by Lesa Vander Bie
$ 275.00