SP - Angel Fish Enrichment Dog Toy

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SP - Angel Fish Enrichment Dog Toy

$ 26.00

A great dog toy for any California pup - sure to keep their noses busy and their minds working! This Angel Fish dog toy is a 2-in-1 burrow and snuffle enrichment play object. "Snuffle" and "Enrichment" dog toys are interactive and provide stimulus and reward to keep your pup's nose (and mind) working hard! This Angel Fish dog toy contains one large squeaky fishbone for chewing, and all the fins crinkle! There are multiple enrichment pockets for you to hide treats in: you can place treats in the belly of the fish to stimulate your pup to get the fishbone out, or hide them in the 2 small pockets / 1 large pocket for nose work sessions!

Tap into your love for dogs and the ocean with this coastal dog toy- great for stimulating your pup's nose and mind!

A smart, modern dog toy that doesn't look like a dog toy.
Each pup plays differently, so it is recommended to keep a close watch during play time, particularly when a new play object is introduced. No toy is completely indestructible, so please supervise your pup's play to ensure safety, especially if you know your pup is not gentle with toys.